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Fountain Industry
Focus On Fountain Design, Construction, Maintenance.

Fountain Industry

Focus On Fountain Design, Construction, Maintenance.

Fountain Equipment Supplier
Offering Fountain Pump, Lights, Nozzles, Solenoid valve, etc.

Fountain Equipment Supplier

Offering Fountain Pump, Lights, Nozzles, Solenoid valve, etc.

Global Treading
Easy and Fast Transportation to Your City

Global Treading

Easy and Fast Transportation to Your City

Fountain Industry

Pudisc is a company which engaged in fountain sales,Design,Construction,Maintenance.

Global Fountain Trading

Pudisc is a rich experience of an international trading company for Five years.

Convenient transportation logistics

The global coverage of the transportation network is very convenient for you.

Quality Certification

Our company chooses high-quality products and has received various international certificates.

Fountain Products Led Fountain Lights Led Underwater Lights Led Swimming Pool Lights Led Wall Washer Lights Fountain Nozzles Fountain Solenoid Valve Fountain Pumps Accessories


Pudisc Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is an international trader of fountain equipment that combines design, research, production, sales and installation. The company mainly deals with the design and installation of the fountain, as well as the sale of the fountain equipment.

The company has a separate development team, an R & D team, a production team and a team to install fountains and fountains to meet the needs of different customers. Various equipment related to the fountain for export covers a wide range of products including fountains, underwater lights, nozzles, fountain solenoid valve, waterproof junction boxes, fountain pumps, wall washers, swimming pool lights, outdoor lights, solar garden lights and other landscape landscape design. The products are recognized by global customers with reasonable prices for excellent products, of which 60% have UL, CSA, VDE, CE and ROHS certificates.


  • 2018 Fountain Water Summit Forum

    2018 Fountain Water Summit Forum

    The 2018 China Fountain Water Summit Forum and the “Fountain Waterscape Safety Officer” training was successfully held in Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan, Guangdong from November 29th to 30th, 2018. The conference was hosted by the China Building Met ...   Read more

  • Welcome Russian Friends Visit Us 2018

    Welcome Russian Friends Visit Us 2018

    Welcome our best friends from russia, he came and visit us to solve the tech issue,this is he first time to china. led underwater lights, fountain nozzles and 3D nozzles in showroom, he told me this is first time to see so much fountain equipment , h ...   Read more


I want to build a fountain, buy equipment or install it for you, which one is better?

Small fountains can be installed by themselves, and large fountains need to be contracted to professional companies. If you know the structure of the fountain, you can purchase it yourself. Any technical questions can be contacted at any time. Or the installation project is delivered to us (requires additional billing) ... + Read more

Is it convenient to ship and pick up? What details do you need to pay attention ?

Delivery is very convenient, tell me your location, when the goods arrive, we will match the best quality logistics for you to choose. According to each country, the operation methods of different delivery are different. The general process is as follows: Import Documents → Change Order → Inspection → Customs Declarati ... + Read more

You are a trading company, not a factory. What advantages do you have?

Our company has a production plant and fountain project department, specializing in international trade in fountains. No middlemen, offering the highest quality products with lowest price. At present, our branch products have been sold to Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, India, the United States and other markets, and estab ... + Read more

Can I buy fountain equipment from you?

Of course, we sell fountain equipment, if you do not know how to install, we can give you support.  I think this is the best way to build a fountain by your yourself. ... + Read more

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