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Water Dancing Plaza

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If I say Shi Bing, you will not be surprised.
The picture is colorful, the scene is the fountain shocking Shi bing County Water Dancing Plaza, it is said that this is Asia’s most beautiful music fountain square.  ~ ~ ~
★ Water Dancing Plaza ★
Water Dancing Plaza covers an area of over 14,000 square meters, Water show performance area is 160 meters long and 100 meters wide oval range, there are multimedia control systems, stage art light structure devices, lighting systems, special effects spitfire system , Video laser, audio system.

It is reported that since last year, Shi Bing has implemented a large number of “cityscape integration”, “agricultural tourism integration” and some key livelihood projects, in July of this year. As a county construction project, a total investment of 360 million yuan Water Dancing Plaza project, including: music fountains, landmarks, underground garage, management services, etc., , Water Dancing Plaza project  will improve the city  function of urban environment.

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