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The Method of Maintain Fountain Pump Ⅱ

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In the fountain maintenance, the common problems are :

1.when submersible pumps submersed in water for a long time and cause the main cover of cable age and cracks, and then water will go inside the submersible pump along the cable, so it should check the cable regularly. For smaller crack on the cable surface, after descaling cleaning, it can use waterproof tape winding the crack cable areas, but be careful to let it soak for a few hours later and then check insulation with a megger,when meeting the requirements and then put into operation. Replace the main cable if it not meeting the requirements.

2.If components ageing, it only needs to connect the signal to the alarm signal, and don’t let it directly involved in the control, in order to reduce the frequent start of submersible pumps.

3.In daily inspection, besides fully operational control, test instrument, it should learn to observe and check the abnormal phenomena of the pump. To check if each instrument pressure, flow, temperature, current, voltage is normal, if the pump parts have any deformation, color change, change, and leaks, presence of jam, etc.;”Smell” is to use the sense of smell to check if there is abnormal flavor, liquid hydrocarbon, such as gasoline, benzene spill the smelling, paint, rubber and other insulation the paste of scorched flavor, etc.; Listen if there are abnormal sound for the voice rolling unit or not, like a blow, friction, whomp sound, eddy current, broken sound, etc.;And also touch if there are overheating, vibration, etc. Only in this way to display the role of operator, under the help of a variety of test instrument, instrument, can we make a perfect daily inspection, early detection of abnormal phenomenon.

4.At the same time, when the pump is in operation, even if for those pump with high automation degree and without monitor, it should do check at least once or twice per shift, as mentioned earlier, this is one of the important work of the early detection of abnormal phenomenon. The pump running environment has improved in recent years, but there are still many pumps are under the condition of the poor environment. Whether it’s running environment is good or bad, it should improve the environment and maintain the cleanness of pump and its accessories, especially for the pumps working under the pool environment of operation. Flush some abnormal phenomena during pump operation, it looks as if it is still in the running equipment. But for the most part, it shows the signal of the accident, to the early detection of abnormal precursor is one of the important factors to prevent the accident.
To detect abnormal matters earlier, we need to grasp the working situation at ordinary times, and make specific records for daily operation inspection. Except indispensable for trouble-shooting , the basic data can also help daily maintenance and early detect of abnormal phenomenon


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