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The Method of Maintain Fountain Pump Ⅰ

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As a landmark of water feature which attracts people to see its beauty, fountain is a outdoor water landscape, and also an art. But to let the charm of the fountain forever bloom, it has to do the routine maintenance of the fountain.  Making maintenance work well can not only maintain the normal operation of the fountain, prolong the service life of the fountain, and it can also avoid the accident.

For fountain maintenance, the most important is fountain pump maintenance. Since the fountain works for long time, it will cause certain consumption for the fountain pump, and its lubricating function will be weakened. So it’s necessary to make lubrication maintenance regularly for the pump body, in order to avoid the fountain pumps overload operation, and affect the service life of the fountain.Besides, it’s necessary to make for regular inspection and maintenance for the fountain cables , in order to prevent the occurrence of leakage problems of wire breakage and aging to avoid electric shock accidents.

Below are some specific information about how to make a good daily maintenance of fountain pumps:
(1) check and handle those bolt or nut easy to loose, such as door, bolt, shaft pin, pin, etc., double suction centrifugal pump shaft seal packing tightness, air compressor valve plates, etc.
(2) Oil, water, tracheal joints and valves leakage problem treatment.
(3) Checking and handle the carbon brush, slip ring and insulation of the motor.
(4)Check if there are sundries in front of trash rack.
(5) Keep dry motor, and check the motor insulation.
(6) Checking if the gate hanging point is firm, and if there are resistance, corrosion and wear for the side door.
(7) Maintain the on and off equipment for the gate..
(8) Clean the equipment.

It should conduct a comprehensive maintenance for the submersible pumps and its control system on a regular basis, at least to do a comprehensive preventive maintenance once a year, the maintenance work includes: check if it normal for the vibration noise and voltage current when the pump is switched on,and the initiating device work normal or not, whether alarm or not when it’s overtemperature and leakage, if the main cables and control cables have aging crack, main contactor with or without glue death oxidation or burr, thermal relay Settings are correc or not, whether it presents of the signs of ageing for winding insulation, if the resistance to ground insulation is too low, if the three-phase winding resistance is balanced, whether there is a sweeping bore scratch for the statorand rotor , if liquid level for control system is accurate, if it reliable and normal for the upper and lower output, whether floating ball movement is reliable, if it aging for the temperature detection component , if it presence of oil emulsification, if mechanical seal are in good condition, if bearing wear or not, if impeller wear or cavitation, whether the axial deformation of rust or wear, if the screw both inside and outside motor loose or not, if there are clutter in the cooling and circulating water pipes, etc. In the process of preventive maintenance and submersible electric pump operation, it should distinguish between overtemperature alarm, if it is real overtemperature alarm or it’s because of components ageing.

The Method of Maintain Fountain Pump Ⅱ


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