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The Floating Fountains With Underwater LED Lights

The Floating Fountains With Underwater LED Lights

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1.High power underwater lights for outdoor floating fountain.

2.2 years warranty products,more reliable.

3.Professional manufacturer of underwater led lights

4.24 hours online service.

The floating fountain is one of fountain,construction in the middle of river,pool,pond and lake. With underwater led lights and other fountain equipment installation on floating platform.it can be up and down in different season and when you performance.

Floating fountain with underwater led lights introduction:

In outdoor landscape,most large floating fountain choose stainless steel DMX512 control underwater led lights,use the clamp fix on stainless steel pipe.the size:25MM-40MM

1.the floating fountain underwater led lights in 12W to 15W,all the led chip are Epistar,other brand support also,1W/per or 3W/per 3 in 1 RGB led chip.

2.Lights diameter is 170MM,height:93MM,the floating fountain underwater led lights with 1M waterproof JHS cable,could adding the length if you want.two types installation way.




3.The lights support 4 wires control, remote control, dmx512 control.the Voltage and wattage should be confirm in advance.

4.Pond floating fountain underwater led lights could change 7 color,it reach effect what you want.1.5KG/per for lights.

You must know the basic knowledge about floating fountain.

1.What size you want?you need count the floating fountain size,all the fountain equipment and you need consider the buoyancy,up and down system.how to keep the floating system balance, i think this is most difficult for floating fountain.

2.What types of water you want? In order to reach perfect effect we need different fountain equipment support.but how to install the equipment on floating system?so we should a complete design of outdoor water floating fountain.

3.We need special deal with buoyancy fixtures,like brush paint,filter the water system.

4.Use the easy way to maintain floating fountain,for the economy plan,we need maintain every year,will replace or fix the damaged equipment,such as underwater led lights,2D fountain nozzles,solenoid valve,etc.,so that the floating fountain can be long time working.

Outdoor Large Floating Fountain With Underwater Led Lights Case:South Lake Park DMX512 Water Show


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