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Stainless Steel Single-jet Fountain Nozzle

Stainless Steel Single-jet Fountain Nozzle

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1.304 stainless steel material.

2.Different size connection available.

3.Copper material support.

4. 24 hours service,you can contact me at any time.

Stainless Steel Single-jet fountain nozzles

Stainless steel Single-jet fountain nozzles  is the most widely used, the  music fountain, dry fountain almost 90% are in use, it can be vertical, cross, throwing, throwing, sharp oblique, swinging, up and down, fast and slow jet, Point shooting, running fountain,jumpping jet fountain, but also group words, group patterns and a variety of geometric shapes, widely used throughout the world.

Single-jet nozzle is divided into: universal flow single-jet nozzle, adjustable single-jet nozzle, widely used in fountains, musical fountains essential nozzle, this Sprinkler equipped with ball joints, can be adjusted vertically to 15 degrees. Adjustable single-jet nozzle can be combined with a variety of different shapes of jet effect, the level of jet and angle changes, according to the size of the pool shape decision.
Single nozzle, direct jet. Water column crystal clear, bright and smooth lines, the vertical installation, the top can form a beautiful embossed.Jet axis can be adjusted ± 10 degrees, installation and commissioning flexibility.

1.Connection size:DN15-DN100

2.Working pressure (Kpa):15-400

3.Dis charge(m³/H):0.3-60


Multi direction jet is a small to large tapered adjustable clear stream nozzle developed to display with a minimum of distortion. It can be implemented as a single fountain or in groups with spray ring, spray bars or other installations.
Jet is designed for precision vertical columns or trajectory patterns as desired with wind-stable full jet. It is water level independent and can be located in dry areas.

We provide Single-jet Nozzles in brass also,if you are interested in,don’t hesitate.


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