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South Lake Park DMX512 Water Show

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South Lake Park, the total area of 178,000 square meters of water,180m water danceing area long, 40m wide, vertical fountain height of 60 meters above the fountain design Bozhou New Area,  DMX512 light water show as the leading media interpretation of the soul , Through a variety of combinations of water type combination of the potential of the water level, light color change thousands, interpretation of “ancient rhyme Bozhou, bustling Bozhou, happiness Bozhou, soaring Bozhou” and other chapters, set up three water curtain performance device, including the lifting platform , Fountain pipes, underwater lights, CNC rocking, cold fog device, underwater cable, air roses control system, such as more than 10 kinds of equipment to achieve frequency conversion and curved two-dimensional swing, circular frequency three-dimensional swing, Explosion, water film and many other technologies. At the same time combined with music, water dance, full color laser, water curtain, 3D images, fireworks and other international leading technology and artistic expression, to create the domestic first-class fountain cross-media real performance.


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