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Sea World Music Fountain

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Sea World Music Fountain, with a total investment of 30 million, consists of 188 sets of super-gas explosion head and light lasing system, the world’s waterfront on the world’s new artificial lake shore to S-shaped layout, the main four Lotus-like fountain light ring , And then by a long fountain  lighting track in series, a total length of 168 meters, the maximum water column thrown 50 meters high.
“Sea World” musical fountain program, is China Merchants Real Estate Co., Ltd. in its organization of the International Water Landscape Design Competition, a number of domestic and international programs for multi-round selection Competition victor! It is the largest in Shenzhen, 360-degree panoramic view Of the comprehensive Shueisiou show, Shueisiou design inspiration comes from two aspects:
One is the spirit of Pisces, mainly used in the sea world C area Pisces building in the water projection. So that entities Pisces and unreal Pisces echoes, also leave true, illusion.
Second, the sea spray, with a curve to symbolize the ship’s route to the sea, on both sides of the circle symbolizes the ship in the sea wind and waves, sparking numerous waves.

Compared with other music fountain projects, the most important difference is that the sea world “Music Fountain” to emphasize water show throughout the core – “water dance”, not simply according to the cadence of music, melody, Pitch to control the water column ** shape, height, shape. “Water dance” with the performance factor such as sound, light, fog, video, etc., along with the “water dance” as the core of Shueisiu show, this sentence also defines the “musical fountain of the new standard” The theme of music development deduced a story, the process of shaping an artistic image. The use of sophisticated high-end technology, the “Sea World” Shuixiu to express such as dance-like deceny, arouse people’s meditation, chant, surprise mood!


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