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Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights

Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights

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1.Reliabe manufacturer.

2.Safety voltage for underwater used.

3.316/304 material for your choices.

4.24 hours service,you can contact me at any time.

Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights 210GMK:

outdoor water fountain choose led lights with hole,Cree RGBW(red,green,blue,white) led chip more advantages than RGB (red,green,blue)and single color ,the led lights acceptable by most of fountain company.there are more detail about it.

1. High efficiency light source, cree RGBW high power led in 316l stainless steel,the led lights more reliable for outdoor water fountain.

2. Working Voltage:AC/DC12V or DC24V, Constant current driver,more safety.

3. High quality 316 stainless steel cover with 316SS screws. reliable  heat transfer .

4. low voltage and DMX512 driver.

5. Waterproof glue to fill the light surface, the glue has two functions,water resistance and sending heat.

6. DMX512 controllable (1990 standard for DMX512)

7. Underwater or outdoor water fountain and water landscape used.

8. Beam angle  from 8°–90° for you choose.

9. Long life, more than 50,000 hour.

we can custom-made rgbw led chip in any model, click here choose it and tell us: LED Fountain Lights


Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights Application:

Outdoor water fountain with led lights  are widely used for square fountains, pool fountains, swimming pool, water shows, 

shopping malls,  hotels fountains, sea aquarium, landscape lighting.



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