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Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights Ring

Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights Ring

View:540 ClassificatonAluminum Fountain Lights ClassificatonSpecial recommendation

1. First choice for low budget project

2.Low Voltage are  more safety.

3.high power led chip,6w,9w,12w available.

4.Ground wire connect to the body.

5.24 hours service,you can contact me at any time.

Outdoor Water Fountain With LED Lights Ring Introduction:

led fountain lights ring with colorful color for outdoor water fountain ,around lamp body with cast aluminum,stainless steel cover,9w,12w,18w we can do,best choice for outdoor dry fountain,floating fountain ,water fountain.

1. outdoor water fountain with LED lights Ring are Aluminum lamp body, 304 stainless steel cover,nut.the lights with special process on body.

2.We can keep the tempered glass and stainless steel cover in the same line.but aluminum lamp body can’t be used in underwater for a long time,it will be electrolysed.

3.The hole size: 38MM. bore hole diameter: 160MM

4.we can choose 6*1w 9*1w 12w in Epistar LED chip.Other brand led chip tell us in advance.

5.10° 、30°、60°、90° Beam angle .the lens with black glue.

6. external control(4 wires control),DMX control or single color.we can sell to you control system if feel complex.

7.R、Y、G、B、W、WW、RGB Color

8. IP68、ISO9001、RoHs、CE certificate support.

9.1.5KG  each lights

10.If you want stainless steel  fountain lights you can click this: stainless steel fountain lights



outdoor fountain with led lights ring are used in many projects,low cost and high quality.


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