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Our company is national high-tech enterprises specialized in LED fountains,underwater lights and underground lights.our products passed ISO9001-2015,CE,RoHS,IP68 protection level certification. Our factory locate in beautiful chongqing of china,hope your coming.

The Factory Of LED Fountain Lights丨Underwater Lights丨Underground Lights Introduction:

Our factory building,can you believe that is a factory building of led fountain lights manufacturer? including sale-department,production-department,after-sales department,technology department in it , 4000 square meter place for production, more than 80 employee.



our products showroom,all the products in it,a water vat for waterproof test in center of showroom,the lights has been tested for 5 years at least,show to our clients,there are more than hundred series led lights,that’s why so many clients always cooperation with us and building a long relationship each other.



 Reception of company,sale-department office,manufacturing shop,11 salesman,we mainly market in domestic ,i think we will do it well and become a brand in oversea,make more and more company know us is our target. we were a manufacturer of led fountain lights, are,and will still.



Some of pictures about factory:

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