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Laser Projector For Fountain

Laser Projector For Fountain

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◎ SOLID SHINE laser module lasting high quality
◎ dynamic light control to achieve high contrast
◎ clear image detail processor 3 presents a clearer detail of the image
◎ glare color correction function 3 even in bright environments can achieve vivid vivid images
◎ continuous and stable performance
◎ sealed dust optical module
◎ light fault protection, 24 hours / 7 days to achieve stable operation
◎ a variety of operating modes optional, long-lasting image quality
◎ About 20,000 hours * 2 continuous operation

Fountain laser projector is one of fountain equipment,Panasonic fountain laser projector is the screen projected directly on the water curtain, showing patterns to achieve the effect of viewing, the Panasonic fountain laser projector is mainly used for water curtain fountain, let us know more about it.

PANASONIC Fountain laser Projector technology core strengths.

SOLID SHINE Laser Fluorescent Wheel and Single-Chip DLPTM Imaging Long-Term High-Definition Imaging

Rich colors, brightness up to 10,400 lumens (center brightness)

The new DLPTM technology enables high-resolution image detail, dual laser modules for brightness up to 10,400 lumens (center brightness), QUARTER COLOR HARMONIZER for reduced light source power loss and stable heat resistant fluorescent wheel, These ensure that Panasonic fountain laser projector achieve brilliant and reliable images.


Superior white balance and color reproduction.

Compared to other projectors, QUARTER COLOR HARMONIZER (four-color wheel) can achieve a wider color gamut, can reproduce the true white on the screen. Some traditional projectors can not achieve the desired white balance, the image tone is greenish. This situation does not occur with the SOLID SHINE laser projector using the Panasonic fountain laser projector.

SOLID SHINE laser modules to maintain high quality long-lasting

Using a durable dual-module laser module, no light bulb needs to be replaced, the image color and brightness showed a gradual linear attenuation. Reduce the hassle of maintenance, long-lasting high quality.

Geometric correction function.

This feature allows geometric correction of the image projected on a spherical, cylindrical or other special surface shape screen. Just use the remote control can easily debug, without any external device. Combined with a multi-screen splicing system, creative projection is available in a variety of performance and event applications.

Universal lens to reduce inventory costs.

The Panasonic fountain laser projector shares an optional lens with the Panasonic single-chip DLPTM projector, including the ET-DLE030C ultra-short-throw lens and the ET-DLE085C zoom lens, eliminating the need for additional lenses for performance leasing companies. Total cost of ownership. Light touch to complete the installation and removal of the lens.

DIGITAL LINK single-wire control and video connection.

Based on the HDBASE TTM protocol, DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed full-HD video and control signals up to 100 meters over a single CAT5E (STP) or higher cable. The use of optional high-definition digital transmission box, large-scale venues can make the projector easier to install, while reducing operating costs and improve reliability.

360 ° free installation in all directions.

The Panasonic fountain laser projector can be installed at any angle, vertical or horizontal, and the projector unit can freely rotate 360 ​​° in all directions.

Support ART-NET stage lighting protocols CONNECTEDTM CRESTRON and PJLINKTM.

Panasonic fountain laser projector supports ART-NET stage lighting protocol. The projector can be directly connected to the dimming console, which is controlled by the console. Equipped LAN / DIGITAL LINK ports also support CONNECTEDTM CRESTRON and PJLINKTM (CLASS1), allowing the PT-FRX110C / FRX110CL projector to be seamlessly integrated into other brands of audio-visual systems.

On-screen menus are available in 10 languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean)
Panasonic fountain laser projector with ROHS standards,there are more function, please contact me to konw more.



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