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JinJi Lake Musical Fountain Reconstruction Compeleted

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As a business card of SuZhou city, Jinji Lake is many people love to go. According to the latest plan, the whole Jinji Lake and its surrounding public landscape will usher in the overall upgrading.

Jinji Lake Music Fountain Water Screen Movie is the largest integrated fountain project in East China. 130 meters long from west to east,208 meters long from north to south, the water can reach to 108 meters . The design, combined with the water curtain film, laser show, art fire, music, fountain lighting.

Accompanied by the completion of Phase II of the Fountain Project, Jinji Lake Musical Fountain has added new features such as a huge fire dragon, and the Water feature System completed the test  After the reconstruction of the waterscape system is  the largest and most complete function fountain.

After a lapse of 12 years, the fountain has been reconstruction,this time will give you a different amount of feelings.


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