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How to Choose the Nozzles in Water Fountain Design

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The design of the fountain as the soul of fountain is the most important part of the fountain project.When our design the fountain,we need consider the water type of the fountain is determined by the fountain nozzle. Therefore, how to choose the nozzle in the water fountain design, which kind of fountain nozzle used to express the design concept , to achieve stunning water landscape effects, this is fountain designers need to consider in detail the method.

In the fountain design processing, the key is to confirm the required fountain nozzles based on the artistic conception expressed by the fountain, and to consider the conditions of use of different sprinklers.

Fountain nozzles can be made of brass or stainless steel. Because this material is excellent in corrosion resistance,it’s life is 2 times longer than that of an ordinary nozzle. After designing the main fountain-type water sprinkler according to the design concept, it is still necessary to consider the water pressure, flow rate, spray height and spray diameter of the same type of sprinkler of different models, as well as the type and installation size of the connecting pipe.

In the fountain design, fountain nozzles should also consider some external factors, such as wind power, water quality, jet height, etc., for the actual construction of the fountain. . If it is an indoor fountain design project, it has the characteristics of small wind, little grey, and quiet environment. It can use hemispherical and morning glory like jets with fine sound and sound; if it is an outdoor square fountain design project, the surrounding environment is exactly the opposite. Relative to the design, fireworks showers, three-tier flowers and rotating sprinklers are more suitable.

Therefore, in the design of water fountains, the selection of fountain nozzles requires not only the unique creation ideas of the designers of Waterscape, but also their rich construction practice experience in order to take into consideration all the factors of the sprinkler.the fountain landscape as a building. Make a piece of art reaches the limit.


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