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Some hotel  has an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. According to the hotel positioning set fitness swimming pool or leisure swimming pool. so the following is basic requirements of the swimming pool.
(A) fitness pool: This type of swimming pool at least need to build three lanes, 21 meters long, the deepest 1.5 meters.
(B) Recreational swimming pool: Mini pool size must be ≥80 M².
(C) Chaise and standing chairs and tables shall be provided in the pool area, the number of which shall be determined by the size of the facilities, the market demand and the catering scheme. The area surrounding the pool is 1.8 m wide and the rest area is 3 times the area of ​​the pool.
(D) Safety is a major focus in the design of swimming pools and perimeter zones. The swimming pool and its shore area must be designed to comply with national and local regulations.
(E) The swimming pool is of concrete structure. The swimming pool shall be equipped with stones or tiles with a mini friction coefficient of 0.6.
(F)There shall be escalators in the shallow water area and chrome-plated stainless steel steps in the deep water area.
(G) Water quality system: The swimming pool must be equipped with a circulating water filter, an automatic water quality control system, a water quality control system, a water quality control system and a water quality control system. Monitoring, automatic dosing system and ozone disinfection device. Water quality meet and meet the national health and epidemic prevention standards
(H) swimming pool at least once every 6 hours cycle of water.
(I) The winter indoor swimming pool shall be maintained at a temperature of 28 ° C


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