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Bayanhaote Ecological Park Water Show Theater Project Completed

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Bayanhaote Ecological Park Water Show is located in the town of Baanhaote town of Alashan Zuoqi. 1, all-round CNC fountain; 2, CNC fountain; 3, gas explosion fountain; 4, fire spray fountain; 5, water dragon fountain; 6, waterfall;7.DMX512 led fountain lights show performance, etc., according to the landscape design concept, design theme, expression of mood and landscape and tourism environment coordination requirements, music fountain water type for the arc-shaped combination of graphics, that is, water-type plane in the lake layout area: 120 meters long, 40 meters wide. This plane shape Founder, body atmosphere, landscaping elements arc layout combination, can fully meet the requirements of the four sides of the people watch.

When the performance, accompanied by sometimes high-pitched passion and sometimes soothing music, when the fire spray and water spray of each other, gas and waterfalls of each other play, people seem to be in the golden wave of war and rumbling the ancient battlefield to the stadium Bright modern life back and forth through, let people linger, memorable. The whole show is presented to the audience is a high quality art picture, thus achieving the perfect unity of history and modernity.

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