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Analysis DMX512 Control LED Underwater Fountain Lights

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DMX512 control underwater fountain lights is a kind of fountain lights, but the fountain lights wth DMX512 control system, making it compared to traditional remote control fountain lights, the DMX512 underwater fountain lights more controlable and reach more effect,now, 512 underwater fountain lights are widely used in large and medium-sized fountains.

What’s the DMX512?

dmx512 is a  international high-speed data output protocol, using rs485 hardware line, it’s different from general rs485 communication .
1, using single-way communication.
2, dmx 512 communication need to transmit a 88us low data, as a packet of data starting frame header, the receiver has a gap detection circuit, the first data frame header, no communication check.
3, dmx 512 communication fixed baud rate of 250kbps, due to the open communication protocol, high efficiency and reliability, widely used in the traditional arena industry, compatible dmx512 communication interface is the default choice for high-power led lighting control system.

We making DMX512 control protocol and underwater fountain integration for underwater landscape lighting.

Introduce Some Of the features and Requirements Of the Underwater Fountain DMX512.

DMX512 underwater fountain lights body is made of 304 stainless steel, there are some cast aluminum material body, according to customer requirements. The DMX control for underwater fountain lights offers three different voltages: DC24V / AC24V / 220V and wattages from 6W-300W.

The lowest cost is DC24V for large fountains, but the cables and switching power supplies not in low cost.

The AC24V Powe needs a few coil transformers, cable budget  the same as DC power supply.

The 220V is lowest cost, needn’t worry cable and transformers, but must consider the voltage safety issues.

Our company is to provide parallel and serial connection DMX512 underwater fountain light control.

Parallel features: Parallel LED underwater fountain lights needs an address , and in accordance with pre-written address one by one to install, the maximum address is 170, more than 170 needs another controller.
Serial Features: Serial requires the first lights of each group needs first address, behind the LED underwater fountain light DMX512 address automatically identified. The maximum address is 170 also, if the lights with problem in the middle of group. the DMX512 address automatically skip the address by default, the latter for the damaged lights address.

DMX512 control underwater fountain lights necessary accessories:

DMX512 underwater fountain light control generally needs to consider the use of optical fiber, signal amplifier, signal converter, codec and some other equipment, if you are not clear on the installation can contact us, or view the following figure:


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